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Bela Vista Orchids

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H1: Aerial Plants
These plants can't adapt in vases, because their roots grow free using small branches as support, keeping the air, the fog and the rain as source of nutritions.
H2: Epiphyte Plants
The plants grow on the trees, coconuts trees, etc., and fasten their roots absorving mineral and nutritious salts from the decomposition bronght by the rain. They can live in vases, plates, etc.
H3: Agricultural Plants
These plants grow on stones, and their fixation and absorption of nutrients is similar to the epiphyte plants.
H4: Terrestrial Plants
These plants live on the soil or over organic remains, and in some cases on humidity satured areas.
H4a: Terrestrial Plants (a)
Sandy dry soil and rich in organic matter.
H4b: Terrestrial Plants (b)
Healthy turf and organic remains.
H4c: Terrestrial Plants (c)
Loamy soil and rich in organic matter with constat and renewed humidity. There are some species that keep submerged in the period of rains and can be completely dry un the dryness period.
HX: Test
Include test.

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