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Brazil - Tuesday, March 26, 2019



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Cattleya walkeriana ( "Estrela da colina " x Feitiço de GO )

  • Estimated price:
    US$ 23.00
  • Category:
    Orchid species
  • Climate:
    The sawed region orchids, where altitude may vary from 500m to 1000m and caracterized by dry and hot days and coolness nights.
  • Blooming season:
    F3 - Winter
  • Habitat:
    H2 - Epiphyte Plants
    The plants grow on the trees, coconuts trees, etc., and fasten their roots absorving mineral and nutritious salts from the decomposition bronght by the rain. They can live in vases, plates, etc.
  • Luminosity:
    L3 - Medium shadow
    These plants live in the medium area of the forests or protected places of the sun, receiving about 50% of light; the shadow must be by 70%.
  • Diameter:
    Larger than 10 cm of diameter.
  • Color:
    E6 - Pink
  • Abreviation:
    Plants that will go to blossom inside of 1 year.
  • Origin:
    BR - Brazilian origin

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