Bela Vista Orchids

Bela Vista Orchids

Brazil - Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Dear costumer, One vendor are show this picture on Ebay UK to sales his plants, This picture was stolen from our Site. We are not responsible for the accuracy that plants.
Fake labelFake labelThere is a Nursery or similar selling orchids with these label, especial and rare plants, please be careful, this label not are ours, we dont made mericlone from this plants. and we will be not responsible for. We are investigating to take appropriete action.

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A collection of selected orchids from Chácara Bela Vista.

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Laelia ( tenebrosa x purpurata flamea )
C2 - F4 - H2 - L3 - T4 - E? - BR (Size: 3")
Estimated price: US$ 15.00
Cattleya ( bicolor x walkeriana )
C3 - F1 - H2 - L3 - T3 - E6 - NBS
Estimated price: US$ 12.00