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Brazil - Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The company

Chácara Bela Vista was founded in 1949 by the german immigrant Mr. LUDOVICO SCHMIDT, who dedicated himself to the cultivation of ornamental plants and fructiferous plants as well as a small collection of orchids.

In 1975 he transformed his ranch into a company, followed by his children. They started the cultivation of orchids, getting species from collectors throughout Brazil. In 1985, they built a laboratory to produce selected plants which has contributed to the preservation of endangered species due to deforestation of their habitat.

Today they own a 5.000m2 greenhouse with approximately 300.000 plants in a continuous process of production, renewing and improvement of the species.


Chácara Bela Vista
Rua Sebastião Leite do Canto, s/n
Caixa Postal 208 - CEP 19.800-121
Assis/SP - Brasil

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