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How to request an account

View our products

Visit our product pages through the menu or make a search. A simple search can be made by typing a keyword or part of a text in the keyword search box on the side of the page.

For a more specific search, click in "Find Plants". You must inform one or more items for the search.

Add the product to your list

When you find the product you are searching for, click in the "Add to my list" button to add the product to your list. It is necessary to wait for a confirmation box to add it.

View your list

At any time you can view the items added to your list. Just click in "My recent account" in the menu or in "View the list of items" on the side box "My account".

Changing quantities

Type the quantity you want in the quantity box in the list of items and click in "Update quantities". Just after clicking the button the changes will be made.

Cancel products from your list

Click in the "X" button of the item you want to cancel.

Account request

Before sending your last list of items a conformation page will appear. Check each item carefully and if everything is correct click in the "Next" button.


After receiving your list, we will be checking your items to send you the prices and other information.

View your account

You will receive your list with all prices and additional information to make the order.

Submit your order

In case you are satisfied with the sale conditions and want to submit your order, just choose the payment method. Only after the payment confirmation the products will be sent.

Keeping track

You can keep track of your account or order at any time. Just click in "Track your account or order" in the menu and inform your account or order information.

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